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A Web-site history

Authors and developers of this web-site are dr. Nina Buchkova, dr. Yavor Simeonov and dr. Ventseslav Ralev. All special effects (images, animation and graphics) are the result of many hours spent by them in front of the monitor or behind the camera or reading of any of the numerous publications in the field of information technology. Whether there was any benefit from all this work - let the visitors decide for themselves!

The Dental Clinic called firstly "Dr. Ralev" was created on 18. 03. 2002. Currently the team consists of of 5 dentists. The average age of the staff is still around and bellow 30 years. We strive to be perfect in every aspect - to work without the patient feeling any discomfort and pain while on the dentist's chair, the products of our work to meet world quality standards in dentistry, to maintain a pleasant interior and perfect hygiene in the cabinet.

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Global information network (or Internet, as most people call it) really managed to change the world. Currently, an average (or rather small) in its scale company as ours has such capacity to host content and opportunities for traffic information, as only 20 years ago had printed publications such as New York Times or Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Also we have an opportunity for feedback - something that is difficult for Newspapers and any printed editions. With us, everyone who wants to ask us any question may do so using our forum. Within a few hours the forum is visited by the administrator and/or the moderators, all queries are registered , each visitor can rely on timely and responsible (according to our capabilities) reaction from the team. We have registered for that special purpose an Internet domain designed for on-line dental advice. The address is dentalforum and the registration was made for easier user access to specialist advice in the field of dentistry.

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www.omegadentagroup.net    www.bg-tourinfo.com    www.dentalimplants.bg

Our team has also developed another web site that is not commercial and does not attempt to advertise any service or product. If you are interested, you can visit at bg-tourinfo. Ventseslav Ralev is involved in the creation and support ofinvestor-bg site created purely for information purposes. Comments and recommendations for all three sites are accepted at ralev@dentist.bg. We have registered also several Internet domains that lead to more specific content - in general everything about the Bulgarian dentistry (or dental medicine?) in the context of contemporary economic, foreign policy and social environment. If you are interested, you can visit addresses bg-dentist bg-dentist.eu. After a long and uphill battle with bureaucracy, we even managed to register a domain.bg - everyone passed this way, knows what it is.

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Our dental team is trying to keep the pace with current developments in all areas of dentistry. Therefore we take care to receive possibly the most current information, and we often attend specialized courses, lectures and conferences. All this requires a lot of time and money, but there is no other way for further training. Furthermore, modern developments in medicine require collaboration with many specialists from different fields and there are trends towards consolidation and consolidation of medical institutions. Many professionals have to work at several places to the accumulation of more experience and most effective clinical and scientific work. For this and other reasons, dr. Ventseslas Ralev and Dr. Yavor Simeonov are consultants for Dental Center “Omegadentagrup” in the town of Vidin. Writer of the website of that dental practice is also Dr. Ralev. As a result of successful cooperation between the two teams in town Vidin are now available dental implants as well. No need to travel to the capital or to Plovdiv.The first implant was placed successfully on 06.03.2008.